Engagement Process

    Following on from initial contact and further discussion, ITOPS will scope the work involved. Discussions may be conducted via email, FAX, Telephone or face-to-face depending upon the solution complexity and engagement duration. More involved quoting may involve additional charges.

    Once we have scoped the work required, a Statement of Work (SOW) will be produced. The amount of detail contained in the SOW will vary upon solution complexity. The SOW is very important as it not only details costs but all aspects of the client requirement and our understanding of the services needed.

    Upon acceptance of the SOW ITOPS will require a purchase order, or prior payment to cover the cost as detailed in the SOW. Upon receipt of your PO or payment, we will schedule the resources necessary for the implementation phase to commence.

    The services as detailed in the SOW will be delivered. Upon completion and any acceptance testing (as detailed in the SOW) the client will be asked for sign-off.

    Upon completion of the work, ITOPS will provide the Client with an invoice for the services and products detailed in the Statement of Work.

ITOPS Consulting Terms & Conditions Prevail

A copy of which can be made available upon request.