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Your Control4 System underpins your day-to-day functions, productivity and security at home. Downtime means revenue loss.

ITOPS offers competitively priced high quality support to reduce the risk and lessen the consequence of system failures.

ITOPS has a support based infrastructure and recognised escalation path back to Control4, putting us in pole position to ensure the smooth running of the system.

Our support offering come in two flavours, silver and gold. Both can be tailored as required in order to provide you with as little or as much as you need

Support Hotline - We operate a centralised ticket based call logging system which logs, assigns, tracks and escalates calls in-line with your service level agreement. Support requests can be logged via the dedicated support hotline telephone number, the web or email.

Priority System - it is vital that system down issues are given priority. ITOPS offer 'Live Call Transfer' for any system or server down situation, thereby minimising business downtime by maximising system uptime. Our priority levels are P1, P2 and P3 whereby P1 is the highest priority, resulting in the fastest response.

Gold & Silver - Service levels are available, Gold being the more comprehensive of the two.

Remote Access - As part of your support package we will configure secure remote access to your control4 system. This allows us to remotely diagnose problems much faster, usually within minutes of logging in. We can also utilise this facility for scheduled system updates.

Cost Effective - Why pay excessive amounts for hardware cover when it may not be needed? Why pay for site visits when there may be no need to attend? Purchase telephone support at the level you require, have site visits as an option and purchase hardware only when absolutely necessary.

Flexible Configuration/SOS Days - we address the issue of any requirement to attend site with SOS days (supplementary on-site days) which are available at reduced cost when compared to our T&M rates or daily Consultancy rates. When purchased alongside your telephone support contract, they can be scheduled so that they address the urgency of the issue at hand.

Simple Pricing - Our aim is to keep the pricing model as simple as simple as possible. By offering just two service levels on two platforms with or without SOS days, customers can quickly obtain a basic cost for support. Additional cover on peripherals or other equipment is open to discussion.

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