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Project Cycle

    Understanding Your Requirements

    The initial stage of the project involves ITOPS sitting down with you and getting a good understanding of what you want to acheive with Control4.

    Control4 is a very flexible product that can be configured in a number of different ways and so it is critical that we understand what your requirements are before we start the Dspecesign phase.

    Following on from initial contact and further discussion, ITOPS will scope the work involved. Discussions may be conducted via email, FAX, Telephone or face-to-face depending upon the solution complexity and engagement duration. More involved quoting may involve additional charges.


    Once we have scoped the work required, a Statement of Work (SOW) will be produced. The amount of detail contained in the SOW will vary upon solution complexity. The SOW is very important as it not only details costs but provides you with a good understanding of what services ITOPS are going to deliver.


    Once a good understanding of the project requirements, budget and timescales are understood and a Statement of Work has been agreed ITOPS will put together a Design Document that details our solution to the requirement and all the necessary components.


    Once the Solution Design document has been agreed and signed off ITOPS can commence the project and all neccessary cables are installed.


    Once all the neccessary cables and wiring have been installed any required plastering and painting is completed.


    At this stage all necessary hardware & software components are purchased ready for installation.


    All lighting componets, keypads, switches, relays & controllers are installed on-site.


    Once all of the neccessary components are installed on-site one of our engineers will attend site to configure and setup the Control4 system as per the required design.


    Once all of the neccessary components have been installed and configured on-site one of our engineers will attend site to fully test and show you how to use the system.


    Once the project has been tested and accepted by the client. ITOPS has a dedicated support team that are available 9-5 to assist in supporting the system going forward.

ITOPS Consulting Terms & Conditions Prevail

A copy of which can be made available upon request.